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Thank You's


The Oshkosh Youth Page!

Oshkosh ~ Through the Eyes of Children...

Thank You's

1998-99 Leadership Oshkosh Team Members:

    Sue Barnhill, Mark Green, Ron Heilman, William Knudsen, Kim Molitor, and Pao Yang

1997-98 Leadership Oshkosh Team Members:

    Kim Bluhm and Greg Wypiszynski

The Leadership Oshkosh Teams of 1999-98 and 1997-98 would like to gratefully acknowledge the support of the following individuals and groups who made this website and project possible.  Where available, the names listed below are linked to the appropriate websites:

All the Oshkosh Area School District Fourth Graders
The Oshkosh Area School District Art Teachers
Deb Bartelt, Read School

Firstar Bank
Kitz & Pfeil
The Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce
Oshkosh Convention & Visitors Bureau
Oshkosh Truck Corporation
Oshkosh B'Gosh Inc.
Paine Art Center and Arboretum
Park Plaza Mall
Stolley Photography

Stef & Nicole Green
Shirley Rakauskas
Irv Voyer